DUI Defense

DUIs can happen to anyone. If you are arrested for a DUI you quickly realize that harsh reality and you immediately need to hire an attorney to begin fighting for you.

A DUI can result in serious consequences, including the suspension or loss of your driver’s license, substantial fines, probation, community service, a felony conviction, DUI school, counseling, and even jail. It is vital to speak with an experienced with Jacob Grollman about your rights and options.

There are a number of factors that the Law Office of Jacob Grollman will explore when aggressively defending your DUI.  

  • Did the officer have probable cause to stop you?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to have you exit the car and perform field sobriety exercises
  • Did the police videotape the DUI?
  • Did the police read you Miranda?
  • Did you submit to a breath, urine or blood test?
  • Did you refuse to submit to a test?
  • Did the officer read implied consent regarding your license?